257 42 Krhanice
Phone: +420 317 702 123, +420 317 702 130
Opening hours:
July, August Wed - Sun 9am - 5pm
June, September Sat - Sun 10am - 4pm

Since 1996 the premises of the former artillery quarters between Krhanice and Lešany u Týnce nad Sázavou have hosted the exhibition of the Military Technical Museum of the Prague Military History Institute. The collections currently contain more than 350 historic tanks, cannons, motorcycles, armoured military trucks and cars dating from 1890 up to the present, which can be seen in seven halls, under six shelters as well as in the open air.

The Museum ranks among the leading European institutions of its kind due to both quantity and quality of its collections featuring many a world-unique object. Especially the collection of Czechoslovak military vehicles dating from 1918 to 1939 and the Škoda system cannons collection have no parallel. The concept of the display indicates that the Museum follows modern trends in presentation of collections of technical nature. From the very beginning it has been inspired by the example of British museums which set the current trend in this area of museum presentations. Annual alterations and gradual improvements on the exhibition grounds thus make it easier for visitors to uncover secrets of the military technical history.


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