One of the biggest water reservoirs on the Bystrý (Konopišťský) potok stream near the village of Tomice can be found to the south of Bystřice u Benešova. The reservoir was built in the lowest point of the Votice dell. It is a priority to protect the nesting area for water birds and to provide protection for a migration stop during the Spring and Autumn migration of birds.
The pond is based on medium the grainy porphyric biotic granodiorites of the Central Bohemian Plateaux (Sedlčany type). The pond is located in a river basin with a flat wooded left slope. Brown soils with a mediocre or lower sustainability and slight tendency to be of podzol-type, gley can be found on the alluvial plain.

The pond is surrounded by cultivated meadows or ploughed fields. The location is not significant from the botanical point of view. The banks of the pond are covered in reeds only in two lagoons in the south. Only the Narrow Leaf Cattail cover is more significant. Great Crested Grebe nests here regularly; the numbers of which as a nesting bird have plummeted recently. Apart from this species there are another eight protected species of birds, for instance Little Grebe, Black-necked Grebe, Pochard, Common Teal, Marsh Harrier and many other species the protection of which has not been specified in a public notice. The reservation is most significant at the time of the Spring and Autumn migration of birds. Approximately 30 bird species regularly use this migration stop, for instance the Tufted Duck, Goldeneye and another 40 species have been detected here either irregularly, or rarely or as stray individuals. The presence of invertebrates such as the gastropod Anisus Vortex and Damsel Fly is considered relevant.

At present a fish farm is located here, the work of which can be co-ordinated with conservation requirements. In the past the reservation was threatened due to the carp and duck farms, sewage from Votice, reduction of bank vegetation and illegal feathered game hunting. The majority of these factors have been solved but at present there is a threat from leisure activities (for instance boating or windsurfing). It has been recommended that presence of individual bird species should be followed in connection to the changes that improve the environment in the protected area.

Basic Data:
Cadastral area of Tomice
Area 59,37 ha
Altitude 391 m
Established in public notice OkÚ Benešov of 23.7.1993


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