The church of the Birth of Our Lady was originally built as a fortified Gothic church at the end of the 13th century. At that time Křivsoudov fortress was owned by the Prague Castle Burgrave Oldřich of Říčany. He established a castle and a fortified church there which are connected with the name of Tobiáš of Bechyně, builder of fortified castle at the time of the so called "Brandenburgers” in Bohemia. The church was reconstructed several times and was affected with features from almost all styles. Inside the church there is a tomb stone of the Štřelové of Rokycany family whose insignia can be found above the passage leading from a chateau to the village square.

The church bells should not be forgotten. František from 1558, Dominikán from 1570 and the death bell come allegedly from a disused castle chapel. Until 1846 the bells were suspended in a wooden church belfry. They were transferred from the derelict belfry to the church spire only later.


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