The history of the construction work on this church reflects an older part of local history. Originally, this was a Gothic building from the 14th century with presbytery, an adjacent tower and a larger nave than typical for this period. In 1582 the nave was extended towards the west and a circular spire with a staircase leading to the choir balcony were attached. The owner at that time was Smil Skuhrovský of Skuhrov who built a Renaissance fort opposite the church. After major disasters that affected Domašín both during the Thirty Years War and later due to plague, poor crops and several fires, the church was eventually repaired in 1721. It was destroyed again between 1804 - 1807 and the tower was completed as late as in 1816. The presbytery has a crossed and ribbed vaulted ceiling finishing in a ray effect. The late Gothic portal leads into the sacristy situated on the ground floor of a big tower and vaulted with a cross ceiling; the door leading into an oblong niche shows the date of the reconstruction, which is 1582.


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