Even at the beginning of the 14th century there used to be a fort in Kondrac. Příbek of Kondrac is mentioned in connection with Kondrac in 1318 and in 1363 Eliška, Maršík’s wife. In the 16th century, the fortress was reported to be empty. A Courtyard located a short distance from the Roman church of Sv. Bartoloměj to the gallery of which the owner cold escape in case of danger was probably older than the fortress. Even nowadays the western frontispiece, if we look away from the enlarged window and the later-added entrance, can be seen as a small fortress with massive walls. The church was built after 1200. Two cylindrical spires above the western frontispiece with two rows of doubled windows make it a unique historical sight. Also the frontispiece on the southern side decorated with a diamond pattern on the walls and a rosette on the frontispiece as well as the remains of wall paintings on the gallery and nave walls come from the Roman period.

In about 1380 the Roman chancel was replaced with a Gothic presbytery and a sacristy - other alterations come from the first half of 18th century. The whole building has recently undergone a thorough refurbishment.


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