Church of St. Peter and Paul

The Roman part of the church of Sv. Petr a Pavel comes from approx.1120 and the first written record concerning the church can be found in the Chronicles of the Želiv Monastery on 19th February 1184 with the coffin containing the body of Gotšalk the Abbot of Želiv Monastery being mentioned. An old bastion from 1278 which used to be part of the fortifications of the church and which, since then has been converted to a belfry, is located next to the church. The bastion is home to a beautiful bell from 1512 and 15q heavy. One of the most memorable objects, the so called Načeradec missal can be found in the church. The records are written on parchment and date back to the 13th century. In the church there are a Roman choir loft, an organ from 1660, baptismal font - exquisite blacksmith work from 1585 and an originally marble tomb on which the altar now rests. A very interesting painting of Sv. Kateřina painted on a wooden board from 1360 can also be found there.


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