Fortress DOMAŠÍN [ Hrad nebo zřícenina hradu ]

Domašín was, in 1548, obtained by Kryštof Skuhrovský of Skuhrov and on Popovice after whose deaths the property was divided between five sons. Domašín was inherited by Smil, who built a Renaissance fortress with two cylindrical bastions opposite the church in approximately 1580. He named the fortress Nový Domašín, New Domašín. The bankrupt estate was purchased in 1601 by Jan Ostrovec of Kralovice, the owner of Vlašim. This meant that the Domašín fortress ceased to be used as an aristocratic seat and was gradually becoming dilapidated. The interior of the fortress had deteriorated by 1665. Later a distillery was established on the ground floor and a flat for the administrator of the estate was built on the first floor. The building was given a new lease of life in 1798 when Vlašim aristocrats (Vilém Auersperg) started a wool manufacturing factory which was supposed to consume wool from three sheep farms belonging to the aristocracy. The manufacturer produced woollen sack-cloth and various stockings. Its main workshop was situated in the original fortress of Domašín. Here the wool was spun, dyed, and given final finishing touches; administrative offices were located here too. The products of the manufacture were usually sold in Bohemia but also exported via the port of Trieste. After 1822 the manufacture was closed down. The fortress was used for purposes of accommodation. During construction work on a new road in 1843 the corner bastion was demolished, and later the other was also removed. Nowadays, there is only the building of the fortress itself with remains of Renaissance graffito decoration hidden under the current plastering


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